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Thanksgiving in Cameroon didn’t really feel like a special American holiday to me. I was in the hospital when the school had the big turkey dinner, the weather is 75 and above pretty much everyday, the leaves didn’t change, and there were no turkey posters or fall decorations hanging in any store windows or my apartment for that matter. It felt like a long weekend. I had planned to go to Bamenda to visit a friend, but my injury kept me from taking the long 6+ hour drive. Instead my friend Kaitlin and I tacked ourselves onto a trip to Kribi with some of my other friends. You’ve heard of Kribi already. Night swimming, fresh fish, living on the beach etc.. So we were all pretty happy having our own type of Thanksgiving dinner in paradise.

Thanksgiving at the Fish market in Kribi

On a side note, since I was unable to swim due to stitches or drink the lovely coconut shell alcoholic beverages due to anti-biotics, there was a lot of time for reading, sketching and painting. Along with my everyday sketchbook, I got to open my new watercolor sketch book. I thought I would share the water colors:

men taking a fishing boat out to sea

View from the Tara Plage

Tree at the water falls


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