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Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Ladies
Oil on Canvas
About 3X4 ft

I saw these ladies waiting for a taxi on a main road in the center of town. At the time I had only been here for two weeks and I found this ‘sass’ intimidating along with the overwhelming culture of the city.

Now having lived here I’ve been able to observe and notice. I still interpret this as ‘sass’, but pride as well. Seeing this as a strength I feel more respectful and understanding of it.


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The amazing mural one of my high school classes is working. If your wondering what I am subjecting my students to, this will give you a taste. Among many other projects we’ve done, I’ve been teaching them the basics of creating public art. They’ve been working on it since the beginning of the year on and off. Every part of this is a product of their teamwork. Next step: painting. I am so proud of them!