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Monthly Archives: February 2013

What would life be like, if it went exactly as we planned. I think what ever has lead me in this direction in good. Definitely not what I had planned for myself, but I’ve learned a lot and I think thats better that anything else. I have recently been turned down by what I would have thought was a dream job (see entry “my love¬†affair with¬†…”) I ignored the flaws because I wanted it, but now that I look back at the school I would have given two years of my life to , I think maybe it wasn’t that great. Italy is in my future, just not this August and I still look forward to it.

What IS great, is that I have four more months here. I feel really lucky. Cameroon has been a great place for me to grow up a little more. I’ve done things differently here, making a lot of decisions about who I want to be. I am content with the idea that I don’t know what is around the corner… and I’m even excited. Next year maybe I’ll live in Philly, maybe NYC, maybe a place I would have never thought about. Its another chapter that may have a plot twist down the line… who knows!



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