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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Some of my very good friends from this year will not be returning for the next academic year and surprisingly it has made leaving Cameroon bittersweet. I honestly can’t say enough how much these people have impacted my outlook on living here and its hard to imagine it with out them.  Although I’m excited for a change of pace outside Yaounde it will be hard to say good bye.

Having exciting plans has made this ending to my year easier. Those of you who don’t know me may think its odd- but I’m actually stopping in France for 3 weeks in a build up to see the Boss. Before I knew a date that I would be able to go home on my friends  and I booked Springsteen tickets. Tomorrow I am off on an adventure through Provence then meeting friends in the Riviera to end up in Paris where another friend will be waiting to join us for my 1st E Street European tour to see My Man July 4th before ending in Amsterdam. I am beyond excited, I am so happy to have friends as spontaneous as I am to book a trip around a concert. I plan on updating this at some point to let you all know how I’m getting along and how I am surviving before touching down in the comfort of the States.

A tout a lour Cameroon, Bonjour Paris! See you soon JERSEY!

Bruce Springsteen: Oil on Canvas 2008 courtesy of


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The whole academic year is a week away from being over. I feel like I’ve done mostly what I came here to do, missed the boat on some things but over all have learned a lot about myself. Last Wednesday was the school art show which included two finished murals that my students kicked a$$ with. They were definitely show stoppers.

‘Because All Dreams Fly’


This mural you saw begin a few months ago at the art show we had a slide show playing of all the students working through out the process. This is the final product:

‘A Whisper Through Fantasy’


The rest of the art show went really well, I was able to show pre-k through advanced high school. It was fun to watch the kids search out their own stuff and discuss each other’s work.


Next year can only be better Bonne journee Cameroon!

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Kribi Woman

26×26″ oil on canvas

After I had my appendix out we all went to Kribi for Thanksgiving. I spent a lot of time sitting and people watching since I couldn’t go swimming. I’ve talked about women’s attitudes in Cameroon before, and this lady wasn’t very different except for feeling of contentment and confidence. Her outfit was epic. Hearts everywhere in a wrapped pagne down to her ankles with earrings to match. She was alone but showed no signs of awkwardness. I wanted to concentrate on her emotion, conveying her positive view into the light.

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